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The Lil One Quarter Litre Whipped Cream Dispenser

The Lil One Quarter Litre Whipped Cream Dispenser

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This Mosa half pint whipped cream dispenser is a reliable and low cost alternative to some of our more expensive units. These are made in the Mosa factory of Taiwan (not mainland China) and offer the same reliable service in a lower cost product. Solid composite head, we have used and tested and been very impressed. The TW whipped cream dispensers are suitable for home use, or light commercial use. Each dispenser also features an aluminum bottle; either well finished attractive lacquer finish or clear coated brush aluminum, and just one tip. A half pint dispenser will hold up to a half pint of liquid whipping cream and produce approximately two pints (in volume) of whipped cream. Each half pint dispenser requires one charger to operate. These are a great bargain; you get the reliability of the Mosa product at a very low price. A 90 Day limited warranty is included from manufacturer, and we will provide the support for any claims.

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